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Negative Project List
  1. Breweries & Distilleries of all types excluding winery.
  2. Khandasari and Jaggery making enterprises.
  3. Photo Studios & Color Processing and instant photo printing Enterprises.
  4. Photo Copying, Xerox machines, Fax machines, Data Entry, data Recovery enterprises.
  5. Fertilizer mixing units.
  6. Units engaged in Re-packing of Drugs/Medicines/Chemicals without any processing or value addition.
  7. All types of Saw Mills excluding manufacture of particle board/Low Density Fiber Board (LDF)/Medium Density Fiber Boards (MDF)/High Density Fiber Boards (HDF).
  8. Beedies/Cigarettes/Cigars/Gutka & other Tobacco based products manufacturing enterprises.
  9. Azoic/Reactive Dyes manufacturing enterprises.
  10. Fire Cracker manufacturing enterprises.
  11. Industries manufacturing and/or utilizing ozone depleting substances.
  12. Laundries including Power Laundries.
  13. Brick making Enterprises excluding Cement Hollow Blocks, Wire Cut & Fly Ash Bricks and Refractory Bricks.
  14. Poultry excluding hatcheries.
  15. Popcorn and Ice candy making Enterprises excluding Ice Cream Manufacturing.
  16. Coffee roasting and grinding units having installed capacity of less than 2MT/day capacity.
  17. Clock and Watch/Mobile/Compute and Hardware equipment’s repair enterprises.
  18. Cassette recording (Audio & Video enterprises).
  19. Cyanide Manufacturing enterprises.
  20. Mining and Mining Equipment’s.
  21. Lime kiln/burnt lime units.
  22. X-ray clinics and clinical/pathological laboratories and scanning, M.R.I. testing enterprises.
  23. All industries of mobile nature like rigs, concrete/tar mixing plants/hot mix plants including site oriented industries.
  24. Units engaged in manufacture of Chrysolite Asbestos (White crystal).
  25. All types of Saloons, Spas, and Massaging Centers etc.
  26. All types of hotels/restaurants/resorts/amusement parks etc.